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  5. "Il limone è nel piatto."

"Il limone è nel piatto."

Translation:The lemon is on the plate.

December 19, 2012



I still don't get why the preferred Italian translation isn't "Il limone e' sul piatto."


I put down "the lemon is in the plate" but it marked "in" as wrong


It's wrong, because you don't say that in English.


even slowed down, the woman's pronunciation says "... nella piatto"


The lemon is in the plate? What, do plates have lemons on the inside or something?


when is nel and nello used. Nello was used before zuccero and nel before piatto. Why ?


nello zucchero because it translates to in the sugar. Remember lo is used as the for zucchero.

nello = nel +lo

nel = nel


From what I have read here from some users, "lo" (the) is used for words that start with s- or z-, eg. lo zucchero. Thus, nello (in the) is used for words that start with s- or z- as well eg. nello zucchero.


Thats correct. For most masculine words ' il' is the article (the) BUT there is an exception in Italian for masculine words that begin with z-, sp-, st- , sl-, etc. (ie s- blends), ps-, y- or gn-. For those words lo is used instead of il.


My question was regarding nel vs nello, but I found my answer, but now my question is what does everyone mean when they say " I lost a heart" ? I see this alot, but don't get it! Where are these hearts....I don't see them and I have misspelled a lot of words typing too fast.


if piatto also means dish, should the answer be "the lemon is in the dish" ?

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