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  5. "O vestido dá o tom."

"O vestido o tom."

Translation:The dress sets the tone.

September 9, 2013



When something "sets the tone" it simply means that that "something" influences the ambiance/atmosphere. If you arrive at a dinner party and the hostess is wearing something very elegant and formal...that "sets the tone."

If you choose to have a wedding ceremony at the beach, that "sets the tone" - the wedding is likely to be very informal and relaxed.


can "dress" mean "attire", "dress code"?


My Brazilian wife says she's never heard this in portuguese.

[deactivated user]

    Must be English, translated word for word.


    I wrote "the dress gives the shade", but it is not right.


    It accepted "gives the tone", very literal, but I woudn't know how to write this expression in English.

    It's weird to be used with vestido, it's normally with people:

    Você dá o tom = you determine how it's going to be.

    It's a musician's expression extended to other fields.
    One musician gives the tone/note and the others follow.


    Kpas's post has the answer: "The dress sets the tone." It's an old expression but is still valid.


    Good to know. Thank you.


    Yeah some sentences are really useless and cryptical. In french i would say "La robe donne le ton". It means that you may know the mood of a girl/woman according to the way she dresses.


    "...determines the tone." would work here, it seems to me....


    same here, based on the drop-down hints it made sense to me...

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    "The dress sets the tone" was accepted.


    Unfortunately on Poland why don't have something like that :D


    Your sentence makes no sense at all. One says "in Poland", not "on", and "why" is a question, not a person. In Polish we also have the expression "nadawać ton"


    No need to be mean to explain he made a mistake...


    Tip: when you pronounce that expression, give a little more emphasis to the word tom because it is almost sounding like "O vestido Dalton".


    "The dress fits in" could be the English meaning for this sentence right?


    Not exactly. It's more like, "Your mood, or the party, will be reflect the dress you wear."


    Alguém pode me explicar o que significa

    "O vestido dá o tom." ??


    I would say " sets the mood"


    The meaning of "dar o tom" as an idiom was not in the hover hints. How am I supposed to learn it? Also, the hint for tom is "shade" (colors) and "tone" (voice), and colors are more related to a dress than voice is. You're doomed to waste a heart to learn it.


    If you learn it, maybe the heart's not wasted?


    Precisely. Yes sometimes the sentences are rather strange, yes sometimes you don't stand a chance to get it right first time round. But we're learning the language for free. It's not as if losing a heart is the end of the world. I'm very happy with Duolingo, and grateful to the people who do all the work to make it available

    [deactivated user]

      No, as emeyr wrote above "sets the tone" is an expression that means to set a point of reference, a mood, for some kind of event or situation.

      I had to go through all the words with the hover hints, to come up with "sets the tone", it was the closest I could come up with.


      This is very odd. I just can't stand that they use such weird sentences when they have a billion options...use something that makes perfect sense please!!


      Ha, ha Valerie. One thing I can assure you, English never makes perfect sense.

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