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Spanish Gender Rules and Exceptions

Dear fellow Duolingoers,

A few weeks ago I set out to write a summary about genders in Spanish. I thought it would be an easy task, however I found that you can ask ten people about the rules and get eleven different answers.

So I wrote my summary to the best of my knowledge. Now I am asking for YOUR feedback. I will accept anything from harsh critique up to frenetic jubilation.

Here is the link

By the way, the best part was hunting for rare words which are exceptions to the rules. I am still looking for masculine nouns ending in -dad and things like that.

Greetings, territrades

April 9, 2015



Hi, Mr. territrades. It's a long summary and I want to read it to learn (and probably help to improve), but the white letters on a black background dazzled me. I wonder if you could change the background to a "viewer friendly" one.

April 10, 2015


I noticed you listed la foto. I know that foto is short for fotografia, a clearly feminine word. I'm curious to know the reason why, if any, some of the other words seem to cross the gender lines??

April 10, 2015


la radio also has el radio, depends on whether you are talking about what you listen to or the actual noun And I think all ending in -ma are masculine, I did read a good thing about it once somewhere... Also because HE is always the problem, SHE is always the solution :)

April 10, 2015
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