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"Jeg ville have været en nisse, hvis jeg selv kunne vælge."

Translation:I would have been an elf, if I could choose myself.

April 9, 2015



It seems to me that a more proper English sentence would be "I would have been an elf, if I could have chosen myself." It feels wrong without that parallel construction.


I believe you are right. I agree.


Why is it wrong to put: 'I would have been an elf, if I myself could choose." ?


There is a mistake in the "correct" solution: I entered "a pixie" but Duolingo highlighted this as a mistake and showed this solution instead: "I would have been an pixie, if I could choose myself." It should definitely NOT be "an pixie".


Can a native speaker confirm that the tenses in Danish are correct?


This is so my kind of language!


Are the Elves from Lord of The Rings called "nisser" in Danish? Cause I'd definitely like to be one of those

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