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"Bíonn sos againn ag an am seo gach lá."

Translation:We have a break at this time every day.

April 9, 2015



Does it have a different meaning than "we take a break at this time every day"?


In this context should "break" and "rest" not be interchangeable?


Just curious ... would it be OK to translate "bíonn sos againn" as "we usually have a break"?


Not really - "usually" would imply that sometimes we don't take a break, and you would use de ghnáth or go hiondúil to indicate that.


Would the "habitual" translation of "We do be having a break at this time every day" (although it's not standard English) be a good translation?


Taken directly from Irish, its a construction often heard in Ireland, although one might have heard, in this example, "We do have a break at this time every day".


Why bíonn and not tá?


gach lá tells us that this is a habitual action , and is not the habitual present tense, bíonn is.


I don't get the difference between we have a break at this time every day and we have a break every day at this time


If you don't get the difference, why not just translate the sentence in the same order as it was in Irish? Why did you think that it was necessary to change the position of gach lá/"every day"?

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