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Heart refill

Why shall I pay 4 lingots for 1 heart, only to learn at the end of lesson that I earned 1 lingot. That's a minus of 3 lingots and therefore a losing bargain. So can you explain me the purpose of "heart refill" please?

September 9, 2013



It's definitely a good price. If it was cheaper, people wouldn't really learn, but instead, cheat their way to victory.


Because the first idea of finishing a lesson is not to earn lingots (which appeared very recently and are still in test so only 25% of the users have access to them) but to earn skill points to up your level. So buying heart with lingots it's here to help you earn skill points.


I don't have lingots but I think 4 lingots is too much for just one heart refil do you agree with me??? Anyways learners don't have lots of lingots so they need to be careful how they use them.I thing people get lingots depending on their streaks I think you at least need 15 streaks to get the store.


The easiest way to earn 1 lingot is finishing a lesson with full hearts (without a single mistake).


It says that I can get a heart refill for 4 lingots, but how do I go about doing it? I was low on hearts on a lesson and tried to get a refill, which I was able to do, but then I had left the lesson and could not get back to it, so had to start over again anyway. Now I don't know if I have a heart refill that I can use later or did I just lose my lingots?


Go to the store.


I thought I could use the Heart refill for every lesson, not just once. This was not to good buy...


Lingots? How can you tell if you have any?


If you don't know about it, it's that - like me - you're not in the 25% of Duolingo's users that have it (for test) for the moment.

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