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Pronunciations are not clear

The only thing in DL that really needs improvement is the pronunciations of both words and sentences. I implore you to improve it with good pronunciations of native speakers at least for languages like French and German. You guys are great and many thanks for giving us such a great tool as DL.

September 9, 2013



I think Duolingo should improve the woman who speaks in the listening for italian.Her voice is like she has sometihng in throat which is wierd.Thats the number one thing Duolingo should do that I want.Yeah I agree Duolingo should improve the pronunciations !!!


The better thing to do to have better pronunciation is to report wrong one. But, seeing many times someone complaining about a wrong french pronunciation when it's perfectly correct (I'm french), I'm afraid that to many non-native french (and no reason to be different for other languages) speaker report correct pronunciation as wrong. And so Duolingo is overflood by false report.

Si I think the best thing to do is to report wrong pronunciation to Duolingo but, every time if one is not native speaker, ask in the "Discuss the Sentence" page to native speaker if it's really not well pronounced.


oh common, even the way the voice sounds is terribly bad. Don't you feel like it sounds as if a robot or a machine like voice is pronouncing it?


Some robot's accent, yes with some sentences a little but nothing horrible or terribly bad. And as they will not record each 500 versions [Duolingo's statistic, in average] of each 20.000 sentences [Duolingo's statistic], they have to record each word and after put all this together, so obviously it'll have sometime a little robot's accent, but nothing bad.

And, there is maybe a little robot accent sometimes, but the pronunciation is not wrong (except some cases that we have to report).

NB : I'm only speaking about French.


DL doesn't need to improve the pronunciations for all languages... I really like the German speaker! Yes, the French lady is HORRIBLE. I tried French and I had the hardest time understanding her! It would be nice if she was updated. :)


Oh, but you should try the Italian lady, she's the worst of all.


Oh my! I believe it! Is the Spanish speaker bad?


I'm afraid, except for some -- but not so many -- sentences, that the problem is not the pronunciation of the french lady, but the french pronunciation that's hard for foreigners to get... I say this because I don't find the french pronunciation so bad, so far of my own pronunciation.


Believe me, the French lady is clear as day compared to the Italian one!


Yikes! I want to try out Italian just to see how bad she is!


The audio is generated by computer automatically. If something sounds wrong report it and (I assume) the Experts will tweak the input text to make the audio sound more natural. The only way to get real voices is to pay someone (which isn't possible on a free site) or ask the community to upload content (which can easily lead to a big mess).


I enjoyed learning Spanish so much I decided to start French as well. I am struggling with the pronunciations in French, apart from that I am very,very grateful for the chance to learn Spanish in an enjoyable way. Thanks to all, DL is a brillant tool.


The difference between 'Er' and 'Ihr' in spoken German is driving me nuts, since context is not often helpful. But rather than attribute it to the speaker, I assume that it's just some nuance my ear has yet to pick up on.

I'm from the Southeast US. If I recorded the English lessons, the rest of the world would go stark raving mad. :-D


I've started German as well and I've been told that German pronunciation is far easier than French which I also noticed watching movies in both languages. However, the pronunciation in Duolingo somehow makes it even worse =)


That's funny. I just started French, and it seems just the opposite to me. For the most part, I find it much easier to understand the German speaker. Perhaps you've become accustomed to hearing 'Duolingo French' and I've become more accustomed to hearing 'Duolingo German', and it's the switch that makes it difficult rather than the language itself.


I find German pronunciation fairly fine

[deactivated user]

    Concerning your German difficulties: The vowel in 'ihr' is more like the one in 'me' and the vowel in 'er' is more like the one in 'beer'. :)


    You are so right! It's hard to understand some of the Spanish words pronounced because they're unclear

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