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"We present you with your food."

Translation:Vi præsenterer dig for din mad.

April 9, 2015



I'm from Denmark, and I use Duolingo to learn english. When i see the sentence 'Vi præsenterer dig for din mad.' I think that they present me to my food.


Min bedstemor sagde det samme.


Food, let me present to you Boss Elijah. He will proceed to eat you.


Honestly, I don't understand. Isn't this structure odd? It sounds like I am presenting you to your food, as in 'Food, meet Gregory. He will be the one devouring you.' Is it just me or is there something off...



I came to the comments cause it wasn't making much sense to me either, but I guess these odd structures are part of what make other languages so interesting.

maybe danish "for" here could be more like more archaic english "before", as in when you say: I stand before you.

Does that make sense? It's helping me so I hope it does lol


As a native Swede, this confused me too. It is conceivable that Danish does it this way around, but it could be a mistake too. I'm reporting it for clarity.


why not vi praesenterer dig din mad?


Or vi præsenterer din mad for dig


can we use "med" too?


No, unfortunately not. That would imply that we are presenting you and your food together.


I don't really understand, if in English is "with", it should be "med" in Danish. Because in this case, we are presenting you and your food together, as I read it in "English".


next time i try to understand first the english sentence...:)


Haha :) well I can see why it would make sense to consider using "med" because it otherwise DOES mean "with" but not in this sentence. If I were learning Danish I would be confused too! :)


exactly! same with me


I am trying to make sense of this sentence, to see how or when I would use it and I'm not sure if I could see a context where this would make sense. I don't really understand the meaning of it in any language. What is duolingo trying to say here? How is this helpful to learn a language, when it actually creates more questions than answers?


I agree with you wholeheartedly! (Gave you a Lingot!) While I'm at it....another thing DL does that is NOT helpful to learning - the woman who speaks in Danish speaks so fast, and drops to a whisper with some words, that it's impossible to learn from what she says without using the 'turtle' audio. Even if that is the way some people speak in Denmark, it is not conducive to learning. (Stepping off my soap box now....)


Yeah, have to agree with you. I thought of it this way: Picture yourself at a really, really fancy restaurant that you're paying megabucks for. The waiter comes out with the entree and says "... Oh, and the waiter is your best friend because he didn't use any formal pronouns to address you. Ok, yes, contrived, but no more so than the original sentence itself. Good luck.


Jeg har også brugte med her...


Could it be understood as: "We present for you your food"?


That would be "for dig", but here instead we have "for din mad".


"present (something) to (one). To formally or ceremoniously give or award something to one."


"Vi forærer dig din mad".


Thank you for sharing. I think it would make sense if the subject would be different, i.e. "Vi forærer dig min mad", to build on your example – I am not sure what the intention with the original sentence is but it's definitely not helpful as the sentence doesn't have a clear context or application, at least at this level of language knowledge (no one would use Shakespeare's writtings to start learning English, that was my point above)


At this point, the Danish course is like the scattered writings of an old prophet - we can only speculate about the true meaning of the words.


Is there a simpler way to rearrange this sentence?


Why not "til" then???


Umm....as an aside....I just gave the sentence a down vote because it's a terrible sentence (see up and down arrows just underneath the translation) and noticed that the number went down by one. So, with all the grumbling about the sentence, why have people been giving it up votes? Or, am I using that feature wrong?


What a stupid sentence. And even more tricky to find and adequate translation in English when it's not your mother language.


We present you FOR your food?


I wrote ''Vi præsenterer jer med jeres mad'' and it didn't accept my answer.


Because that would carry a different meaning. We introduce you with your food. Like "while you are carrying your food, we are introducing you."


Seriously, it is a weird sentence.

And I don't allow a butler to address me this way. He should at least use De...Dem, not dig...din.

I guess it is another one of these meaningless sentences invented only for translation purpose.

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