"We present you with your food."

Translation:Vi præsenterer dig for din mad.

April 9, 2015



Honestly, I don't understand. Isn't this structure odd? It sounds like I am presenting you to your food, as in 'Food, meet Gregory. He will be the one devouring you.' Is it just me or is there something off...

July 30, 2018



I came to the comments cause it wasn't making much sense to me either, but I guess these odd structures are part of what make other languages so interesting.

maybe danish "for" here could be more like more archaic english "before", as in when you say: I stand before you.

Does that make sense? It's helping me so I hope it does lol

September 25, 2018


As a native Swede, this confused me too. It is conceivable that Danish does it this way around, but it could be a mistake too. I'm reporting it for clarity.

February 12, 2019


why not vi praesenterer dig din mad?

May 2, 2015


Or vi præsenterer din mad for dig

December 17, 2015


I'm from Denmark, and I use Duolingo to learn english. When i see the sentence 'Vi præsenterer dig for din mad.' I think that they present me to my food.

March 2, 2019


Min bedstemor sagde det samme.

May 10, 2019


can we use "med" too?

April 9, 2015


No, unfortunately not. That would imply that we are presenting you and your food together.

April 9, 2015


I don't really understand, if in English is "with", it should be "med" in Danish. Because in this case, we are presenting you and your food together, as I read it in "English".

November 30, 2017


next time i try to understand first the english sentence...:)

April 10, 2015


Haha :) well I can see why it would make sense to consider using "med" because it otherwise DOES mean "with" but not in this sentence. If I were learning Danish I would be confused too! :)

April 10, 2015


exactly! same with me

September 7, 2017


Jeg har også brugte med her...

May 8, 2018


For? Whyyy...?

July 19, 2018


Could it be understood as: "We present for you your food"?

July 31, 2018


That would be "for dig", but here instead we have "for din mad".

September 11, 2019


Seriously, it is a weird sentence.

And I don't allow a butler to address me this way. He should at least use De...Dem, not dig...din.

I guess it is another one of these meaningless sentences invented only for translation purpose.

June 14, 2019


i am danish

January 7, 2016
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