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  5. "Viaggiano tra i paesi."

"Viaggiano tra i paesi."

Translation:They travel between the towns.

September 9, 2013



I wrote "villages" instead of "countries" and was marked wrong. Why? When I check the dictionary, I see that "paesi" can also mean "villages".


An online Italian etymological dictionary makes it clear that "Village" is a valid translation. http://www.etimo.it/?term=paese&find=Cerca


I think among the countries is a weird and clunky translation that is not used.


"between" really only applies to two places at a time, while "among" includes three or more, so it all depends on how many countries you're talking about. One does not travel "among the two countries" nor "between the three countries". I suppose if you grouped countries, you could use "between" for more than two, as in "He travels between the US and Sweeden, Norway and Denmark."


Could I use "they travel among the countries" but that actually didn't work for duolingo.


I put "they travel between the countries" and it was counted as correct.


I put (they travel between countries )and it was counted as wrong!


It's as good as the (English) translation here. Who knows what it takes to get from one town to another, but no one I know ever called that "traveling." "They go from one town to another," "They are going from one town to another." But, in English, unless only two towns are specified, "among" is the acceptable translation, and not "between." Between is for two things....


It depends on how far apart the towns are, what mode of transport you're using and what there is to do and see along the way!


I wrote "they travel among the countries" and it was accepted. 17/08/2018


Can anyone explain why "they travel through the countries" is wrong? The Reverso dictionary gives "through" as one of the meanings, and "una strada tra i campi - a road through the fields" as an example of its use.


attraverso is probably better Italian.

You have to be careful with what "through" means in English, as in "he fell through the ice", "he succeeded through hard work" "He is through with his job" - some translations of "tra" = "through" might work, but traveling "through" countries probably isn't what tra means.


Why through towns is rejected?


Through: denoting traffic that passes from one side of a place to another in the course of a longer journey. Though towns was rejected. Why?


Towns is offered as options for Paesi. Is this correct? I thought paesi was actually country?

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