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The language course page really needs to be updated.

I checked the language learning course page, and I saw that the Greek, Yiddish & Hebrew for English speakers courses haven't been added to the page yet; despite being newly added to Phase 1 of the incubator (the only new Phase 1 course for English speakers added there is the Klingon for English speakers course). I think that page really needs to be updated.

P.S. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the page I mentioned is the one where you can start or switch courses, find out the percentage until beta ("hatching"), see how many people are learning that course, etc.


April 9, 2015



The contributors need to pick a famous monument/landmark/etc. that represents their language first.


I'm pretty sure they only add languages from Incubator to the "New Course" menu when they have artwork for them.


How long does it take for the artwork to be added?

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