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Skills are not strengthening on the tree!

I'm sure someone somewhere has posted this, but why are skills not turning gold on the tree?

I recently completed a new skill on the tree, and usually when you've done all of the lessons in it, it turns gold... but this time, it was not full strength!

The same with when I want to strengthen a skill, even if I do the strengthen lesson multiple times, or even redo specific lessons on that skill, it just won't go gold. I usually like to see the skills which I have done recently and which I need to refresh my memory on, so this is quite an annoying issue.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

April 9, 2015



Yes, there has been a recent post about this (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7981774). I may just be a glitch but it may just be that you are looking at hints or getting incorrect answers. You may need to refresh the page as well. Hope you figure it out! Good luck! :D


thanks! I'll have a look at that. I guess a lot of people are having this problem so hopefully someone will be able to fix it sometime soon

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