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"Onunla buluşursan, bir daha bu eve gelme!"

Translation:If you meet with her, do not come to this house again!

April 9, 2015



What is the point of "bir" here?


Bir daha over here would be something like once more, i.e., again.


What about: If you meet with her, do not come to this house anymore!


In British English we don't say "meet with her". "Meet her" if it's for the first time, or "meet up with her" if it's pre-arranged, as I think is meant here.


In American English it is quite acceptable. Also

Please check item #27 https://www.dictionary.com/browse/meet--with


Thanks. Yes, I know it is American English. Usually Duolingo tries to accommodate both. I got marked wrong for "meet up with her" but I think it should be included. "Meet up" is mentioned half-way down the article that you linked. I was wrong to say "meet her" is only the first time, but it is not pre-planned, as your article confirms.


All of you should not forget, that most people here want to learn Turkish and not English. I am German and I am here to learn Turkish. As there is no tree on Duolingo Turkish for German, I have to do it here and for me it does not make difference if they use American English or something else to teach Turkish. the essential is that the Turkish sentences are in correct grammar. Bu much to my regret most of your questions refer to English grammar and not to the Turkish one. Thanks Duolingo! You are doing a great job!


sounds very colloquial. it wouldn't be better to say "... gelemezsin"?


U mean " you can't come " but there people said "don't come "


Onunla is different with Onunda ?????? :o


onunla with her onunda on her


I think this answer should also be correct: "If you meet her, don't ever come back to this house again!"


What's wrong with "İt you meet with her don't come to this house again"


The robot voice has never been more convincing. You can really hear the suppressed rage!


If you meet her, do not come again to this house! Why is this incorrect?


It is simply a matter of the accepted word order in correct English. We put the adverb "again" later in the sentence.


How many ways can you say meet

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