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Cool new update! Have you noticed yet?

There is a new update that the duo team has made! When doing a lesson the way you are correct when making a mistake is different and better in my opinion. Thanks duo team! :)

September 9, 2013



I like the new little turtle button instead of the "slower" button. What I don't like on the new update is that we no longer get a translation when we listen & record. I always thought that was good reinforcement.


Yes, I agree and I asked them to restore it, I sorely miss it.


I also strongly agree.


I also strongly agree. Listen and record was an excellent way to introduce idioms and other phrases where the word by word translation often gives one no clues as to what is going on,

A big loss, in my opinion.

Sometimes, there is an out. If there is a discussion already in progress, it may show the translation at the top.

Otherwise, the changes look nice...


I really miss those translations aswell. Especially when you don't know the words yet...


i also agree about this


I totally agree. I really miss that feature to double check what I think is the translation


How about adding a new button...Record, Play back your Recording, Translation? You'd have an opportunity to take a stab at the translation and then simply click the Translation button to see if you're correct! Btw...some of the listen & records do display the translation....maybe 20%. Why? you'd have to ask the Owl:)


Me gusta esta idea.


i need the translations back too!!!


It's pretty cool, although just a bit of a bug report: You can no longer press Ctrl+Shift+Space to replay the audio slowly.


Yeah, no keyboard shortcut to turtle audio is a bummer. but, the rest is awesome.


actually, there is, i think. it's something like, shift+control+enter or something. you can find it in help


I didn't know you could do that before, :( . I guess I can't miss something I never had. That would be cool if it still did that though.


I have a couple of problems with the update: When you lose your final life, the screen explaining what you did wrong disappears almost instantly, so I don't know what mistake I made. Also, now, 'biscotto' no longer translates as 'biscuit', which it allowed me to put before. I get the feeling that there have probably been several changes made like this, which I do not feel benefit me in any way, other than I am being forced to use Americanisms.

It looks nicer though, so I guess that's a plus point.


You should have a button with "show my answer" or something like this in the upper-right corner.


In my opinion this is much more important info than the huge owl saying: "you are out of hearts". I would be happy, if the correct answer would be shown per default even after lost my last heart...


Just noticed this myself! Looks sleeker for sure.


Yep, also the "Listen and write" (or whatever they're called) exercises have a different look.


The only thing I don't like is that the translations are not noticeable enough in "Listen and write" exercises. Except for that this update is great.


Yes yes yes!!! I love it!!! Aw, you beat me to the Discussion. Darn. Haha :)


haha me too! I love how they actually tell you what you did wrong in detail. Helps me learn.


Wahahah! ;D better luck next time.


Duolingo is great. always getting better and better. I hope it keeps this way


Love it!! Thanks to all of the workers behind the scenes at Duolingo who work so hard at keeping the rest of us happy!! You are appreciated more than you know! ;D


No, not yet....

Bad luck I guess, I've never happen to be in the testing group. :(



Since I feel your pain of never being in the testing group, here you go: http://i.imgur.com/4PHmoYb.png


Oops seems like I am in the testing group after all.... 0.o

Not a fan of the solution location.

Especially when I do timed mode, I find my eyes wandering around the screen too much; specifically between the correct answer and the "oops you're wrong" indicator.

At least put the "Oops that's wrong" closer to the answer.

Maybe I just need more time to adjust.


Also the "turtle" icon for repeating audio slowly.


Yes, I find it a bit more helpful, but I'm not so used to it...


I like the changes, too. They put the mistakes and corrections front and center instead of down and to the side (and small).


I noticed that too. I like the change. C'est mieux. Merci beaucoup.


Noticed it during the timed practices...it threw me off as I wasn't expecting it, but it is still nice. It will just take a little time to get used to it.


Looks good, good job DuoLingo developers :)


I miss having the English translation appear after microphone questions. How useful is it to speak sentences if you don't remember what they mean?

Everything else is pretty nice, though.


It's a nice interface update, my only issue is that it now gets so caught up on telling me I'm not using accents correctly that I don't get to see the English translation of the audio problems.


This change in look and feel is pretty good :) However I have noticed some translations are missing in the Discuss Sentence and while pressing Enter while entering the translation it go to the next line instead of submitting the answer.

[deactivated user]

    it seems as though the hover function is now disabled on 'Correct solutions' texts, which is unfortunate because this is often where i find more exotic possible answers to questions. could we have this back please?


    A couple problems for me with the update: As someone else mentioned, when you lose your final life, the screen explaining what you did wrong disappears almost instantly, so I don't know what mistake I made. Additionally, when I do the speak questions, it tells me that I got the answer correct but no longer gives the English translation. Anyway to change these items?


    Maybe it's my old eyes, but I find the green text for a right answer difficult to read. And I get a lot of green answers. :)


    Maybe it's my old eyes too, but I find several of the new color combinations too low contrast and hard to read: the gray text on white (in multiple choice questions) is bad, the dark green text on light green (mentioned above) is worse, and the dark gray text on light gray (I can't remember where I saw it) worst of all.


    I'm really not a fan of the changes, especially for timed practice. There's too much clutter now, so that I end up not even looking at the correct answer because it takes too long just to figure out what's happening.


    I did see it, and I think it looks a lot smoother! But it's really annoying when you make a typo but it doesn't tell you what the words translate to.

    For example. "Tú comes queso" and I type "Tu comes queso". It corrects me for forgetting the accent, but it doesn't tell me that "Tú comes queso" means "You eat cheese". I find this very annoying...


    It totally caught me by surprise, but I think I am going to REALLY enjoy the update.


    Great, it makes timed practice less painful. To me at least - I see from the comments that not everyone agrees.


    The app seems a little faster too, congratulations!

    Man It's so fast I'm completely amazed! How did you do that?


    I love the change!! Many thanks for the update!!!!!!!!


    I love the change!! Many thanks for the update!!!!!!!!


    Oops ... what happened here? I only posted it once!


    You know there is a delete-option under your comment? ;)


    This makes the screens easier to use, and I like the change so far very much. (I'm rather nearsighted and can probably bump up the enlargement another step, as the foot of the screen is now less important.) I've only seen the change on the regular "lesson" screens, not the immersion or timed practice, etc., which I haven't tried yet this a.m., so I'm not commenting on them. Thanks, duolingo! Great stuff

    It would be good to get the "fast audio" hotkey back, however, if possible.


    I just noticed this update too, as I usually use my iphone rather than a browser. Very smart and a lot clearer way to show the information. Double thumbs up from me :)


    I don't see any update, seems liek I already had this since the beginning ^^ (~4weeks)


    The new updates are awesome.


    We no longer get the translation in the "Listen and type" exercises ?


    Great! I am new here!


    Wait from what I'm getting I think I've had these things ever since I joined? I joined August 1st, was there a thing like if you joined after a certain date you had these already or something?


    just started learning. like it:)


    I don't see anything yet :(


    Looks nice, but the translations are not given anymore :( I sometimes know how to write something, but forgot what it meant. Please bring back the translations!!!


    i think its pretty cool cause you can see what you spelled or wrote wrong


    Love the new correction format! Now if the explanations had a bit more meat to them, I would love it even more! No matter how great the display is, ''You missed a word'' is generally not particularly helpful in the last third of the lessons where things do get complicated and the discussions are thinly populated. Nonetheless, great job Duo team!!


    I am missing the translation too, it was very helpful.Please restore this feature


    For some reason this has never happened to me.


    I couldn't figure out what that was, but in my Irish language program, clicking the turtle has no effect. Also a good number of the speaker icons don't work - in other words, you don't get to hear the sentence in Irish.There doesn't seem to be a way to report this.


    Came here about kboard shortcut to replay the audio question; and reading here I can see there is/was something to this effect. What I would add too is that not only the slow can be replayed but also the original. As often before playing the slow I try several times the fast one. My hearing is perhaps even worst than some bad audio we get (just now I was listening to "lunes, martes, miercoles Which I guessed it was, yet I keep hearing "Viernes" instead of 'Wednesday'! So yes, please kboard shortcut to activate either of them - Thank you BTW - how would you put this in a "report"?! And I also have to add @ 5/12/20 that CTRL SHIFT SPACE BAR does replay slowly and it's faster than reaching for the mouse imho :) But I repeat I'd like this to be available for the normal speed as well.

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