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Cool new update! Have you noticed yet?

There is a new update that the duo team has made! When doing a lesson the way you are correct when making a mistake is different and better in my opinion. Thanks duo team! :)

September 9, 2013



I like the new little turtle button instead of the "slower" button. What I don't like on the new update is that we no longer get a translation when we listen & record. I always thought that was good reinforcement.


Yes, I agree and I asked them to restore it, I sorely miss it.


I also strongly agree.


I also strongly agree. Listen and record was an excellent way to introduce idioms and other phrases where the word by word translation often gives one no clues as to what is going on,

A big loss, in my opinion.

Sometimes, there is an out. If there is a discussion already in progress, it may show the translation at the top.

Otherwise, the changes look nice...


I really miss those translations aswell. Especially when you don't know the words yet...


i also agree about this


I totally agree. I really miss that feature to double check what I think is the translation


How about adding a new button...Record, Play back your Recording, Translation? You'd have an opportunity to take a stab at the translation and then simply click the Translation button to see if you're correct! Btw...some of the listen & records do display the translation....maybe 20%. Why? you'd have to ask the Owl:)


i need the translations back too!!!


It's pretty cool, although just a bit of a bug report: You can no longer press Ctrl+Shift+Space to replay the audio slowly.


Yeah, no keyboard shortcut to turtle audio is a bummer. but, the rest is awesome.


I didn't know you could do that before, :( . I guess I can't miss something I never had. That would be cool if it still did that though.


I have a couple of problems with the update: When you lose your final life, the screen explaining what you did wrong disappears almost instantly, so I don't know what mistake I made. Also, now, 'biscotto' no longer translates as 'biscuit', which it allowed me to put before. I get the feeling that there have probably been several changes made like this, which I do not feel benefit me in any way, other than I am being forced to use Americanisms.

It looks nicer though, so I guess that's a plus point.


You should have a button with "show my answer" or something like this in the upper-right corner.


Just noticed this myself! Looks sleeker for sure.


Yep, also the "Listen and write" (or whatever they're called) exercises have a different look.


The only thing I don't like is that the translations are not noticeable enough in "Listen and write" exercises. Except for that this update is great.


Yes yes yes!!! I love it!!! Aw, you beat me to the Discussion. Darn. Haha :)


haha me too! I love how they actually tell you what you did wrong in detail. Helps me learn.


Wahahah! ;D better luck next time.

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