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Extr@ -- Easy to understand language learning show!

I recently just discovered Extr@, a tv show designed for learning languages. They speak pretty slowly and avoid using very complicated speech. I watched episode one of the Spanish one, and I can say that I basically understood everything they said. They made episodes in English, (30) French, Spanish, and German (13). If you're wondering, it started in 2002 and ended in 2004. They're actually not bad. They're pretty funny and very helpful. Give it a try! You can find them on youtube easily.

September 9, 2013



I have been watching these for a few days too and can say they are funny,interesting, and helpful for learning! Thanks for the share @Samsta


Thanks for the share, that is the beauty of the internet, that there are so many sources for us to acquire and strengthen language. I have been using Destinos as well and finding it entertaining: http://www.learner.org/series/destinos/about.html Happy learning.


Thank you for sharing the url. I watched several episodes years ago and your "share" put me back in touch with something that was useful for me.


As a completely new learner of Spanish, I try to imbibe Spanish from all sources and also found Extra@ funny. Thanks for all the sharings.


So glad you shared this. I watched Episode 1 of the Spanish and it is adorable! I can't wait to watch the rest.


Thank you so much for sharing... the shows are very helpful.


Does anyone know any programs similar to this one for Italian learners?

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Yeah, I really enjoyed the Spanish version and I'm planning on using the French also. I just wish there were more episodes and more shows like it.


Thanks for sharing. I watched a few minutes of the first episode and think I'll watch the rest of the series :-)


Just now I took a look at the first in the French series and it's great--not too difficult, and funny, just as you said. Thanks a lot for mentioning it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. You don't know how much I was looking for something like this. :D


Thank you! When I adquired more vocabulary I will totally watch it.


There are workbooks and teacher's guides too (for the English version, at least).


It's is very cheesy, but a very good way to introduce your ear to listen to another language. I've watched all the French ones I could find on YouTube... but I certainly couldn't find 30 of them. I think maybe only 6. If anyone finds a channel/playlist with all the episodes, share it around!


The English version has 30 episodes, the other languages have only 13. There's some information on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extr@


Love it so far. Thanks so much for posting!


thanks for the share


Thank you Samsta, I'll check it out!


I have noticed that their appears to be 4 versions for different languages: Spanish, French, Germam and English with some of the same actors. Thanks for the information that when I reach Level 13 I should basicallly understand everything they say. Gives me another reason to be pushing forward.


Don't take that to mean "At level 13 I should understand pretty much everything" because I have already finished my tree, while other people don't finish their tree till they've been level 25 (max level) for quite a while!


I am gutted, but thanks for explaining.


I love it. Can't understand everything, but I can understand what the story is about. :)


I agree with you, it is very helpful for learning languages


Yeah I saw them in spanish class, they're a bit cheesy but helpful. Do they make any for Italian?


i know it, it's the best comedy that i watch in my life

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