"He has a cat."

Translation:Il a un chat.

December 20, 2012

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Why is : 'Il a une chatte' not possible? Can't it be a female cat?


I don't think it's implying that all cats are male, I think it's implying that "chat" is masculine in French. Right??


Yes, you are right. I asked my Spanish teacher in school a similar question, and she said that the word was fem or masc, not the animal. Of course, you can use the fem for a female animal if you wish. But my teacher said that in Spanish and French, they mostly use the masc.


le-loup- I desagree on one point. We use as well chat or chatte, in French. We don't use the masculine if the cat is female., but here, when there's no context, you should use the masculine, but the feminine would have been a correct answer too.


sami- chat is masc uline. Chatte is feminine.


Yeah it really helped thanks a lot


I agree with you. A cat can be female as well!


I second you kind sir.


I got confused between 'est' and 'a'.


"Est" means is. "a"means has.


I am not sure if that is il or LL and if it is il I am confused


il, LL is not a word


il or the i in capital letter = Il


How do I tell the gender of the cat? Is it because it's "un" and not "une" chat?


'Un chat' is a male cat and 'une chatte' is a female cat. 'chat'-'chatte'.


Also, I seriously suggest reading the tips and tricks that you see in top right while answering the questions. It has some pretty good summarized statements.


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Ikr! I redid this test and i did une and un and only un was correct


Here, if you write: 1. Il a un chat; or 2. Il a une chatte. (Chatte is the fem. form, not chat) Both are correct. But, as has been mentioned in one of the other comments, if there is no context mentioned, then the cat is assumed male, in french.


for "he" i am typing II and it gets rejected all the time .. very frustrating. how else do i write HE in french with english keyboard


I'm trying to type in the translation and it keeps bringing me here! Super irritating.


I don't think it natter what sex the cat is we're learning the language abd just starting.


I hovered my mouse over "has" and prend is listed as a translated. I clicked "C" to make sure the il/elle/on version was prend and it was. I typed in "Il prend un chat." Why is this wrong?

[deactivated user]

    Well, prendre means to take, I believe.


    I think it's the pronunciation of 'un'. 'Un' is pronounced 'ahn', and 'une' is pronounced 'oon', and that should tell us the gender.


    What is the difference between une and un not just for feminine and masculine


    Trying to understand, how "le" is masculine? and "une" femanine?


    Le_Loup it can't be a female


    I typed the proper french words and it said it was wrong i looked and it over and it was the same thing what the heck!


    On other questions, not always defaulting to masculine is acceptable. When the question doesn't not designate a gender, either should suffice. : (


    Strange when I lived in Argentina and I would tell a friend about the other friend's cat, I would correctly identify the gender of the cat if I knew it. If I saw a random stray, it was always male.


    :') before i put "chatte" now it's "chat" there's no problem i'm just SHOOK


    I just don't understand how level 4 has exactly the same sentence constructions and vocabulary as level 3. How is this a new level then? It is very frustrating to feel like you are coursing so slowly through what I consider to be an unreasonable number of repetitions of exactly the same material. Even though I have paid for a subscription to duolingo plus, I find it extremely difficult to keep motivated when I have to write the same exact sentence for the nth time.


    Why can't it be 'Il y a un chat.'?


    il y a un chat means "there is a cat"


    Like your pic CUTE!


    can someone please tell me how to type "he" in french on my computer. I've tried using two l's or two capital I's but nothing works and i keep getting it wrong


    simply write "il" lower case


    it is an "i" & a "l"


    Might it be a capital I and then a lower case l ? i got this wrong too.


    I got this same question twice in a row the first time i put Il a un chat it marked it wrong and said it was il a une chatte, so second question i typed it the second way and it got marked wrong again. -_-


    Why is posede used for "Elle posede une robe" but not for "He has a cat. "

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