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"Hun vil gerne leve i Danmark."

Translation:She would like to live in Denmark.

April 10, 2015



Is this way of saying that as common as "hun vil gerne bo i Danmark"?


Yes, both can be used interchangingly


Wouldn't we all. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people.


I would like to live in Denmark too, if the language wasn't so damn difficult...


Try hungarian with 18 grammar cases :D


How is Danish difficult? There's no conjugation whatsoever! Compare to Spanish, with ~10 for each tense!


I think Danish is one of the easiest languages out there! The only difficult thing about Danish is the pronunciation, but even this is easy once you get the hang of it! Danish has hardly any grammar. You can't compare Danish with the Slavic languages, Finnish, Hungarian or many others!


I agree. Danish grammar is probably about as easy as it gets. I found the pronunciation seemed extremely daunting at first, but now it's a lot easier for me. The part of Danish that I struggle most with is knowing which prepositions to use with which nouns in what situations - it seems that they use different prepositions for different rooms of the house!


Jeg vil gerne leve i Danmark også


same...let's enjoy high living costs!! And beer to top it off!


She shouldnt worry. Its fairly safe.


Can the natives please comment on the pronunciation of 'leve'? Duolingo pronounces it the same way as words such as 'blev' and 'skrev', but according to Den Danske Ordbog such a pronunciation is not admitted. And the official pronunciation is the one I remember people singing on birthdays ("Hun skal leve! Hun skal leve!").


To me this pronunciation sounds very life-like, from a conversational view-point. If you check the pronunciation from Forvo.com you can hear how varied it is pronounced across uses and generations. https://forvo.com/search/leve/


Thanks for your reply, and the link to forvo. In all the phrases on the forvo page "leve" is pronounced as it is on Ordnet, but they are all older speakers.


Yes, I think it makes sense, with a normal shift in language. Personally I would use the Duo pronunciation except when singing "hun skal leve" as in your example, but I think it is normal to enunciate more when singing.

My pronunciation might also be regional, as I am from Jutland.

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