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"Io mangio un biscotto al cioccolato."

Translation:I eat a chocolate cookie.

December 20, 2012



The slower pronounciation sounds like 'una biscotto'


Absolutely, you are right, sounds like "una"


I agree. That's why I got that question wrong. Hope they fix that.


I've reported it on "Report a Problem". August 18, 2014.

Anyway, "una" is for feminine nouns and "biscotto" is masculine, so "una" is wrong and it has to be "un". Of course, it is confusing and misleading for beginners when the voice pronounces it wrong.


I reported it again November 27, 2014. It still says "una biscotto" but this time I knew better and wrote "un".


May 2020, they fixed it


"al" is never introduced as "with". Mousing over "al" displays only answers that register as incorrect.

[deactivated user]

    I suppose they wanted you to realise that "al" means "in the", so it's "chocolate in the cookie" = chocolate cookie. It took me a while to work out what it meant though, I was thinking 'I eat a chocolate in the cookie? That can't be right!'


    Tip: go to Duo's website and read the "Tips and notes" of the chapter before you start the lessons. It helps to prepare you a bit before you start the lesson.


    Yeah, that's annoying.


    It should be translated as "chocolate cookie".


    Yeah. The only reason why I knew what "al" meant is because I am taking Spanish and I kind of knew what it meant already.


    I am talking about Spanish, but I think that in Italian is the same, for us it is not the same "biscotto al cioccolato" que "biscotto de cioccolato", the first one could be translated as "biscuit with chocolate" and the second as "chocolate biscuit", the first one could be a cookie covered with chocolate, the second one a brownie


    Can someone tell me why my answer "I eat a chocolate biscuit " is considered wrong


    Let me write biscuit instead of cookie please I'm going insane


    Biscuit is the correct word. The Dutch use the word cookie


    No, the Dutch don't use the word 'cookie'; they say "koekje" or "biscuitje". There are many different types of cookies; I mention a few: sprits, zandkoekje, jan hagel, wafel, Arnhemse meisjes, Weesper moppen, speculaasjes. In the supermarkets In supermarket there is sometimes "cookies" on the packaging, but then there are indeed cookies that resemble American cookies inside. 'Cookie' is American English and 'biscuit' is British English. I prefer 'biscuit' as translation for 'biscotti'. It's an accepted translation.


    Good luck not 'goin insane X)P


    I wrote I eat the chocolate biscuit and it came up as wrong


    In English a biscotto is biscuit


    Pronunciation sounds like "una" but I knew better! Arrrrgh!


    She said uno.we should not be penalized when she pronounces the words wrong. It is very annoying


    Biscuit is an equally suitable translation for biscotto for non-American English speakers


    i knew that it was un but she kept saying una


    She definitely said una


    If "biscotto" is biscuit, why was I penalised for saying "I eat the chocolate biscuit"?


    The sentence is about un biscotto al cioccolato, a chocolate biscuit.


    I didn't think "al" meant with? As far as I know, "with" is "con"?


    If my command of the language is correct, a in italian means to, at or in depending on context. So al is the combination of a and il/la; it's like saying to the or at the, generally speaking. However, like many languages there are acceptions and different ways to express a thought. So cioccolato al caffè in this instance should mean chocolate coffee because it's like saying the chocolate resides in the coffee. Hope this helps

    Also, con does mean with but more to do with pairs than combinations of things.


    They should have suggested that!


    I think it's ridiculous that it counts it wrong when you type the English translation; the point of the exercise is to evaluate one's understanding of spoken Italian, and if one types the English translation of what they hear, it's clear that they understood what the voice said and have met the skill requirement for the exercise.


    I agree with the sounding of una and un but its mainly the spelling thats getting me


    I answered "I eat a chocolate cookie, like the correct answer, but, It marked it as wrong


    I'm having trouble spelling the words lol. I can recognize it if I see it written out. Any advice?


    The sentence does not sound right......so the answer gets confusing


    What's the problem? "I eat" instead of "I am eating"? Both are correct translations for io mangio. Or don't you like chocolate cookies?


    Biscuit is the same as cookie!


    It is showing wrong

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