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  5. "Olayı hatırlayabiliyorum."

"Olayı hatırlayabiliyorum."

Translation:I can remember the incident.

April 10, 2015



So, why is it not just "hatırlayabilirim"?


Because when you say "Oh yes, I remember! I remember it very well. As if it happened yesterday...", etc., well, then you are doing the remembering right at that moment. So this is actually a present continuous event. And in Turkish you can actually express it using the present continuous tense. How weird, right? :)

There are many similar situations in English where we use the simple present to describe a present continuous event. I do, I want, I understand, etc. I just want to go home. I may be wanting all day without interruption, yet I still use the simple present. Turkish uses the continuous: Eve gitmek istiyorum.


So when might you use "hatırlayabilirim"? Or is that just not done?


I am sure you can use that, too. For example, when you say: "I can always remember where I park my car".


you can say situation as well


This is so annoying. In the 'tips' it says that -abil is used with the aorist and nothing is said about the present continuous, but now I see all these sentences with the present continuous. Why isn't this explained properly?


What is the English translation, please?


"I can remember the incident." (Are you using a tablet to learn on Duolingo? Because on the desktop site you can ALWAYS see the sentences in both Turkish and English.)


Either on the tablet.



"I can recall the incident"

Not currently accepted. Reported.


Hi duo. I spell this sentence right. But it made amistake!


I think i repeat this sentence correctly but Duo say it is wrong every time. I can't finish the lesson

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