"Üç milyon"

Translation:Three million

April 10, 2015

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So, do Turks simply use spaces (3 000 000) where Americans would use commas (3,000,000) and Frenchmen, I believe, would use periods (3.000.000)?


Turkish uses the French system, that is we seperate big numbers with dots and remainders with commas.

edit: it's not the french system as ektoraskan corrected


Actully, the French usually don't place anything and write: 3 000 000.

While Turks put a dot: 3.000.000

Both Turks and the French use commas for decimals: 0,05 etc.


Ah, back when I was learning French in the 1980s, they used dots, and I still read more old texts in any language than new, so I am undoubtedly behind the time in any language.


How about year? In Serbian we write 1875. - with dot. I saw that in Turkish you write year without dot. I also saw that after Roman number you write dot e.g. I. Ahmed, which is in Serbian very wrong. I know that Turkish is not Serbian, though :) Just asking :) And do you write languages like this türkçe or Türkçe? Same question for months, days of the week. :)


Ajde bre da pijemo rakiju!

Years are written without a dot.

When you write a dot, it acts like -th. For example 5. is read as beşinci (fifth). The Roman numerals used in your example are also read as Cardinal numbers, that's why the dot is used. We read Birinci Ahmet, (not Bir Ahmet).

Language names are capitalized: Türkçe, Sırpça.


P.S. In High School they thaught that Roman Numbers are only Cardinal, so in our language there is no need to write a dot :)


3000000 was marked wrong please fix


I wrote 3, 000,000 and was marked wrong

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