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Swedish 1 (if you only learn 10 things)

Cheers! / Skål

Hello / Hej

Goodbye / Hej då

Thank you / Tack

How much is it? / Vad kostar det?

Very good / Väldigt bra

Please / Snälla

Excuse me (I'm sorry) / Förlåt mig

The check, please / Kan jag få notan

Where is the bathroom? / Var ligger badrummet?

April 10, 2015



Badrummet is the place where you take a shower or a bath, which may or may not also have a toilet seat in it. So in a restaurant etc, they will be very surprised if you ask for the location of the badrum. Even in a private home, we are not so prude as to ask for the badrum, we just ask Var ligger toaletten? or (more colloquially) Var är toan?.


Awesome, had no idea, it's important to know how people really speak in their language. Tack så mycket!


I'm not a native, so take this with a grain of salt, but for "very good" I've most often heard "jättebra."

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