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Do you have to purchase a streak freeze before you skip a day, or can you apply it retroactively?

Do you get to pick the day or do you have to login the day you can't study and apply it then?

April 10, 2015



It hangs out in your account waiting to be used. It does not kick in retroactively, nor do you have to buy it the day you want to use it.

If you buy it on Monday with a streak of 5 and don't sign in on Tuesday, you'll log in on Wednesday to see a streak of 5 and no freeze (instead, you'll see the button to buy it again).


235 wow. Ok thanks for the info. I had a streak of 2 and then I lost it because I signed in after midnight. My all time record is only 9 and then I lost it on the "bet" thing. I was pretty upset.


Now you know! Good luck building your next streak!

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