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Lingots not earned on web interface

I'm not really fazed by the missing hearts on the web, though it's a weird discrepancy between it and the mobile interface... but I'm very miffed about not earning lingots during web training. Not necessarily because I'd have anything to use them for (not much for the shop content I admit), but it's a feedback which I now don't receive.

For me, the web interface is simply more convenient, it's much nicer to type on my keyboard than on a touch screen (not to mention that on a phone I get spelling help from the virtual keyboard which I don't feel is helping me learn to spell). Mobile is great on the go though. I don't think I want to use mobile just so I get better feedback on my progress...

I hope the developers see this post. I'd love to get the things I should have earned the last couple days.

April 10, 2015



Lingots are vanishing from the apps as well. My iPad updated the app automatically recently and they have gone. Luckily my iPhone only updates manually so I can still get them there.

I'm not sure about the other apps but I suspect they will also be for the chop.

You still get lingots on the web by finishing a skill and levelling up so you can still bathe in a bath full of lingots, its just the water level has dropped a little :-)


Thanks for this post. I have wondered what was wrong when I could no longer earn lingots. I sent an email in to Duolingo support about 10 days ago, but never received a reply. I really like using the app on my iPad, but like the person who posted below, a recent update made the lingots go away. I hope it gets fixed, too, because it has taken some of the fun away for me!


Autocorrect strikes again! :D


Another thing: the lack of hearts means considerably smaller amount of XP as well — if you do three on the web that's 3×10 XP, if you do it on the phone without losing a heart, that's 3×(10+3) XP, so almost as if you had done four. So you even progress slower on the web, another feedback that's weakened.

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