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Show how far you are in the language

It would be nice if you had up on the top bar an estimate of how far along the person is to finishing the whole course for the language. For example, on the top in Spanish, "You are about a third of the way there!" or "You are about 1/3 finished!" This would be really helpful!

September 10, 2013



haha ya that would be helpful and if you see it you just push harder!!


exactly! "You are two thirds of the way done! Keep going!"


Doesn't the tree show your progress enough? It shows pretty clearly how far you are :)


Yeah, but it would be nice, especially with a longer tree. And especially since you have to scroll down; it just gets hard to estimate. It's time-consuming to have to count or gauge how many there are overall in the tree, then about how many you've actually done.


I agree with you, except just because you finish all the lessons doesn't mean you will be fluent in the language. Once you've done all the lessons you'll probably want to do lots of practice, immersion etc.


Exactly. I am hardly fluent, although I am alarmingly near the end!! I will need to practice more! But before the tree is finished it is nice to know.

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