"Io bevo l'olio."

Translation:I drink the oil.

December 20, 2012

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The second I read this sentence, I said to myself, "I cannot WAIT to see what people have to say about it."


Good to know I'm not the only one!


haha you're a genius, that's exactly what happened to me


So you won't eat ice, but it's perfectly fine in your opinion to drink oil? :L


you my friend, are a genius.


There's a discussion about it in German too, couldn't find the link. It sounds strange if you don't specify which kind of oil, in my opinion, but it could be castor oil, cod liver oil, etc, which people do drink.


You're right, there is a similar sentence in the German course. But again, Duolingo is not teaching us a set of specific phrases to memorise and use - we are learning how sentences are constructed so that we can understand the grammar rules.


I liked that explanation!


Yes, I know, but the downside of creating nonsensical sentences is that you could be left thinking if people really do say certain things, if the examples aren't downright ridiculous. In this case, someone clarified it to me that you don't DRINK cod liver oil, you TAKE cod liver oil.


É difícil criar frases interessantes usando tão poucos verbos, não é? Acho que o melhor seria dizer "eu uso óleo"( na salada, por exemplo). Gostei da sua observação também.


Translation please.


I said it is difficult the production of sentences using few verbs...(sorry my terrible English).


This sentence is in the course pt-eng.


Odd sentences are meant to fix the vocabulary in your mind. For example, in French I learned the verb "montrer" because the sentence was: "Je montre une vache". At first, I thougt it was the Spanish verb "montar" > "to ride", but since it was a weird sentence I fixed in my mind. It means "to show" xD Cheers! Anyways, you can drink any liquid, it's a matter of taste. D=


You still don't really drink cod liver oil, do you? I think drinking suggests a pretty significant volume is being imbibed, which makes this weird even if it's something medicinal.


you drink cough syrup or a shot of vodka don't you?


You're right, someone has corrected me since. The verb to use here is "take", not "drink".


I don't think that people generally drink oil, unless it's cod liver oil. People would usually say "cod liver oil" not just plain "oil" and they'd say, "take" not "drink".
In 1977 when I was working in a cafeteria in a hospital in the city, a patient there, whose jaw was wired shut, used to come and ask for a bowl of gravy because he couldn't eat any solid food, due to his jaw being wired shut. So this one time when he came and asked for a bowl of gravy, I gave it to him. My supervisor was standing next to me and saw me giving him a bowl of gravy and said, "Now I've seen everything."


Really???? Who drinks OIL... duolingo esta loco!


You all cannot imagine what kind of sentences have spanish speakers to learn in english to learn it!!!!

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