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Immersion "tweaking" issues

I've just about given up on Immersion because of the endless, frequently pointless, tweaking that goes on. It's often not an improvement. I've seen some very good, grammatically correct translations "corrected" by someone else whose knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary is obviously limited and others where it seems to be being done for no other reason than to score points and without caring if it is better. If someone has done a good job why not just acknowledge it. You won't get so many points but does it matter?

September 10, 2013



This seems to happen more in French than Italian translations -I guess because there are more people. I unsubscribe to notifications of changes in French, because it is so pointless. Start learning Italian -it's better!


That's what I've done in Italian. I'm happy if your experience has been better than mine.


Well, it's much, much better than with French, anyway!


I think you're right. It's certainly seems more common in French than in German although it still happens.


I hate not being able to explain your translation in retrospect. You have to enter a slightly different version from all the rest to be able to add new commentary. I've had your problem with a user on this site. He's level 25 in German and occasionally submits an incorrect translation, but refuses to acknowledge my corrections unless I write it out plainly, presumably because his high level has gone to his head. What I normally do is attach links citing why I feel I'm almost certainly correct, like for example a link to a dictionary entry on http://en.pons.eu/


I agree with you about the commentary. It's a real irritation. Linking to a dictionary is a good idea. I'll be trying that.

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