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okurum vs okuyorum

What is the difference between: Ben Kitabı okurum and Ben Kitabı okuyorum I read the newspaper / i am reading the newspaper??? What is normally used the most? Thanks

April 10, 2015



This "Aorist ↔ Simple present & -iyor ↔ present continuous" is a terribly misleading oversimplification.

An Englishman says "I read the book" when he means he reads it every now and then on a regular basis. And says "I'm reading the book" to mean he's doing it right now.

A Turk says "Kitabı okurum" to shoe someone off, saying: "Okay okay, I'll do it sometime, leave me alone already," or "By and large, I'm a good reader, so I could perfectly do it any time I see fit."

When talking about lifestyles: "Genelde kitabı akşamları okurum," → "it's usully in the evenings that I read the book," is possible to say, but the present continuous is much more common: "Genelde kitabı akşamları okuyorum".


okay thanks a lot for the explanation :)

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