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  5. "Não corram aqui."

"Não corram aqui."

Translation:Do not run here.

September 10, 2013



Why is "corram" used here instead of "corra", which the dictionary gives as the imperative?


Corra is used for singular and corram for plural, as in "You all do not run!!" -- no context...both should be right...


Is "corram" an imperative as this would mean there are multiple imperatives and Duolingo only gives one? If this is the case I think Duolingo has "led me down the garden path", Google that phrase if you haven't heard it before ;). By the way, I moved to Rio as of two weeks ago :).


Yes, in Portuese we have imperative for all the persons, except for I, and unfortunately it changes when in negative ( http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-correr )



Yes, in Portuese we have imperative for all the persons, except for I...

How do we command, "them" then (eles/elas)?

I can only imagine the 3rd Person Imperative being used when talking directly to those in question such as "você, vocês, o senhor/a senhora, etc.).

I am intrigued to know though. :)


Yeah, it's kinda stupid of duo to only include the você-form when there are so many more


Should the translation "No running here." not also be correct? I got it marked wrong.

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