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"Beide möglichen Gründe treffen hier nicht zu."

December 20, 2012



One of the biggest problems I'm seeing with this site regarding German is its current inability to translate advanced verbs. Words like 'treffen' and 'zutreffen' mean similar but noticeably different things. English speakers are not used to prepositions being attached to verbs and changing their meanings.

So, unless a person is to use an independent dictionary or already have a firm grasp of German, there's no way to learn what the word 'zutreffen' means/translates to, and that means a lot of people are going to get this wrong. And they'll be getting a lot of other words wrong, too, because Germans REALLY like adding prepositions to their verbs.

Thus, I propose that Duolingo does the same thing to advanced verbs that they do to idiosyncratic combinations of other words; when you mouse over an advanced verb that's been split apart for the sake of grammatical accuracy, doing so will show you the definition of the actual verb instead of the base verb and the preposition being defined separately.


They took your suggestion!


Actually, I believe English has very similar verbs--it just doesn't tend to blend them into one word and then separate them again. Examples: take on, take off--parallel annehmen, aufnehmen.

But in any case an independent dictionary is a good idea. I generally have one open in another window here, and it helps a lot in understanding lots of things.


I think this is a very good idea - did you use 'feedback' to send it to the Duolingo team (otherwise it might just go unnoticed amongst all the comments.....)?


A literal translation of the German would be "both possible reasons"--meaning two reasons, both possible--whereas both KINDS of reasons means two categories of (not necessarily possible) reasons. Why not "Beide Arte Grunden"?


I put "both reasons are not possible here" and don't understand why this is incorrect.

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@tophatmcbabs: Word order. "möglichen Gründe" is translated as 'possible reasons'.

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