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Is French DL aging out words too quickly?

DL does some parameter need to be reset?

Louise first noted on Demonstratives 3 that you couldn't ever complete it fast enough. It seems to me that Adverbs 3 is teetering on the edge of the same breakdown. You can be done, and the icon then loses its gold the next day. Once is possible. But this repeats again and again.

April 10, 2015



I have a problem where I'll do all my skills and check back in and around TEN need to be restrengthened. It's very de-motivating!


We're not alone! You'll see lots of other posts under different headings about the same issue. If DL wanted to study what characteristics of students keep them going despite lack of feedback, this would be the perfect opportunity! Some of us keep plugging away, some of us try to figure out the glitch, others of us just emote.

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