"O mavi kanepede oturdu."

Translation:He sat on the blue sofa.

April 10, 2015

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Should this phrase not include a comma: "O, mavi mavi kanepede oturdu" as in in "O, arabayı durdurdu". In the latter, the comma was explained as being there to distinguish between the pronoun he/she/it and the adjective that. Therefore, wouldn't O mavi kanepede oturdu translate as he/she/it sat on THAT blue sofa? If not, then would it be O, şu mavi kanaep oturdu?


You could definitely include the comma to prevent ambiguity. It isn't ever required though.


On another sentence (I think, "why did you sit here", "neden buraya oturdun"), I was corrected by Duolingo that oturmak implies direction and thus, "neden burada oturdun" is not correct. But here, oturmak is used with the locative. can somebody explain?


I too am learning Turkish, so don't take my word. However, I assume this is the reason:

O mavi kanepede oturdu -> Implies location, not motion. Therefore, the locative is used. The focus is on the (stationary) act of sitting.

Neden buraya oturdun? -> Implies motion, insofar as the emphasis is on why you SAT DOWN, not why you sat down THERE. The focus is on the transitory action of sitting DOWN.

I'd be interested to see if any experts can weigh in on my suspicions!


You are right. 'Orada oturmak' is stative whereas 'oraya oturmak' is dynamic.


If it is kanepeDE, wouldn't "was sitting" make more sense here?


'He was sitting on the blue sofa.' would be '(O) mavi kanepede oturuyordu.' '-de' is the locative case suffix and doesn't affect the tense.

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I am confused!! Is the "O" for "he/she" or is it for "that blue sofa"?


He sat on that blue sofa, is also accepted.


Usualli when there is a comma after O is to to indicate that it means "He/She" and it doens't link to the following word to mean "that".


he ıs sıttıng on blue sofa, what would be ıts Turkısh translatıon


"He is sitting on the blue sofa." --> O, mavi kanepede oturuyor.


O mavi kamapada oturdu means he sat on the blue sofa. What is he was sitting on blue sofa in turkish


O mavi kanepede oturuyordu.

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