"Karı koca"

Translation:Wife and husband

April 10, 2015

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why does it have to be wife AND husband?


"Karı koca" is a set expression that means "husband and wife" or "wife and husband".

You can't even change the places of the words and say "koca karı". It's an invariable phrase.

Same goes for "Anne baba" = parents. You can't say "Baba anne".


So, would 'my parents' be 'annem babam' or 'anne babam'?




"Karı koca" Translation: Wife and husband

So, would 'my parents' be 'annem babam' or 'anne babam'?

Ebevyn - parent or Ebevynler - parents

Benim ebevynlerim - My parents.

This is specific & I got the Duo question wrong last year:

Do you remember this Duo question or similar? - "Are your parents married?"


I'm not asking this to you personally. You know what I mean.

Thank you.


But could you say "baba ve anne" or "kari ve koca"?


baba anne would then be 'grandmother' i suppose


Ektoraskan, in English husband and wife is a collocation. You cannot reverse the order without making it sound really strange. From what you explain, in Turkish you can. Thanks for mentioning baba anne!


so to always remember them both... put the female first!


Just like in Indonesian: "suami istri" (husband and wife). It's such a special phrase. I never heard one switches it to "istri suami".


Sigh! I wrote wife husband and was marked wrong. Did not add the 'and' even when my head insisted I do, because of past experieces where i would add something to make the translation meangful and be slapped on the wrist for it. I really think a ve in brackets ( ve) would give us an idea that it was required in the translation but the braces woukd clarify it was not needed in the turkish sentence


Sometimes 'translating ' is not the solution but the interpretation.

Now I learned a new phrase.


wife husband, not husband and wife


The answer is accepted in either order -- "wife and husband" or "husband and wife." But you cannot just say the two nouns back-to-back -- "wife husband" -- in English.


"Karı koca" Translation: Wife and husband


My answer as a test:

Husband & wife was accepted by Duo as correct.

An invariable phrase & the nouns are switchable.

In Turkish anyway.

Karı koca & koca karı.


You should avoid switching the order to "koca karı" because it is impolite slang.


English translation--- why switch the order putting husband first? It is perfectly fine to say "Wife and husband".


Betsy, no it is not. In English it's a collocation, a set phrase. Though wife and husband is grammatically correct, in English husband and wife is a set phrase. Though wife and husband is NOT grammatically wrong, it sounds like something is off kilter...


Yes, and both are accepted in English. It is an invariable phrase in Turkish -- but not in English.


My answer in right


We cannot see your answer, so it is impossible to tell you why it was rejected. You might be making a small error that you cannot see, so read the sentence discussion first. If you still have a question, you need to copy your complete answer here with your question.

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