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Problem with unit continuously up for review

The lesson Possessives 2, from the French tree, has been coming up for review nearly every day, for several days now. This is a lesson I've completed several months ago (I'm nearly at the end of the tree now), so there's no logical reason why that would be. I can only make 5 XP out of it now, and in fact, I've just reviewed it again and it didn't even go "golden" - just continued to be up for review (with 4 out of 5 bars, as is always the case).

I can only think this is a bug, but can't figure out a way to report it. Any ideas?

April 10, 2015



Lots of people are seeing this bug. If you scroll down on troubleshooting, you'll see it noted for different units.


Sorry, I should have done that. Not good forum etiquette! Anyway, thanks for replying.

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