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Time zone streak discrepancy

Hi I have lost my lingot wager because of a time zone and streak discrepancy. When I registered with Duolingo my pc clock was set on UK (GMT) time, though I lived abroad in Barbados (Atlantic time -4hrs without Daylight saving time adjustment).
Is there any possible work around for time zone?

September 10, 2013



That has happened to me before :( Thankfully, the time difference was only an hour so now I'm just sure to practice before 11 PM. I don't know of a way to fix it though, but you're not alone.


Please forgive me if I am being dense: So, a DL day is 24 hours Midnight to 23:59, based on one's current location or where one originally signed up? In other words, there is no "set" time zone for all DL users based on DL's location, correct?

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