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"Ben hem kahve hem de çay içiyorum."

Translation:I am drinking both coffee and tea.

April 10, 2015



So we need to use hem for each word "hem kahve hem cay" but what is the purpose of de? is it required with hem?


It doesn't have a purpose. It comes with the package. ;p

Hem X hem (de) Y = Both X and Y

Ne X ne (de) Y = Neither X nor Y

Ya X ya (da) Y = Either X or Y

The "de/da" is optional in these expressions.


I love your explanations! :D


Makes perfect sense now, thanks.


You rock every comment section . Thanks mate !


I love the explanations of yours! :D


what is the difference between ''both X and Y'' and ''X as well as Y''??


what about ikisi ... de


Yes....always great explainations. Simple and clear. Ektoraskan for president!!!!!!!! :)

I don´t understand why there isn´t any explaination like that in the tips of this lesson. :/


Bro you're a legend, when I see your name I know I won't get disappointed


so saying "ikisi de kahve ve çay içiyorum" is wrong or not preferred ?. Do we use "ikisi de" when we are talking about two of the same thing and "Hem" when we talk about two of different things ?


It is wrong. First, "ikisi de" is in the nominative case and would be used as a subject.

Secondly, "ikisi de/ikisini/etc" is really just used when you have "two things" and you like both of them. It is also formed using a genitive construction (notice the -si on iki"

For example, "erkeklerin ikisini de seviyorum" -- "I like both of the guys."

I guess you can say that "ikisi de" is used for a set of two specific things while "hem...hem de" is for just listing two random things.


Thank you, makes more sense now


if we had a list of things which contains more then two how would the ''hem '' construction be ? or is it just used fot two things

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