Now, I understand that there is a section where it teaches you how to use your words in whatever language you're taking, but I, and probably a lot of other people, prefer taking our own notes in a way we understand it. Perhaps Duolingo could add a virtual notebook or something so that we can keep track of what we need to work on, and see what mistakes we need to fix. If you could consider this, and tell me what you think, I would be really grateful. Thanks!

September 10, 2013


Sounds like a first world problem to me. :) Why does it need to be a 'virtual ' notebook from Duo? Can people no longer 'keep track of what we need to work on ' with paper and a pencil?

Duolingo is great, but that doesn't mean that you should limit yourself to what the website offers. Nobody says you can't use a physical notebook while you use Duolingo. I use one to write down sentences because I don't want to be translating to English all the time. It helps me to remember things better which is more important to me than how many points I earn on the website.

But here's the thing: Some people, like myself, may lose their notebooks. I have one, and I lose it all time, and it makes me wish that something online could help me out. Although, I do appreciate your feedback! :)

Yeah, even Google Docs seems to be a solution here

I'll try it out. Thanks!

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