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Strengthen not working on Swedish

Strengthen appears to have stopped raising the strength of the reviewed words. I am pretty sure that it's giving me lessons of modules that I need to review (such as Nature), but not strengthening them when the lesson is complete. I even ran a script that gets all of the words and their relative strengths and here are my results for two strengthens and two reviews of individual skills (I'm also having issues with Conjuctions not strengthening, but as you see reviewing Verbs Past 2 raised my overall score)

Max score 1901

Type Score% Strength
Start 1768 93.00%
Strengthen 1 1768 93.00%
Strengthen 2 1768 93.00%
Practice Conj 1768 93.00%
Practice Verbs Past 2 1777.75 93.52%

April 10, 2015



Elegant. You can see in many other posts that people are experiencing different manifestations of this. It also seems that words get downgraded rapidly, so that they lose their badges quickly.


Never mind it's fixed now

Edit: I take it back, Conjunctions is still not turning gold again.


We are sorry that there is a difficulty in making the skill gold. I checked your word strength at Conjunctions in Swedish course, which is as follows:

  • helst: 1.000
  • som: 1.000
  • att: 1.000
  • medan: 1.000
  • när: 1.000
  • om: 1.000
  • men: 1.000
  • eller: 0.995
  • eftersom: 0.563
  • innan: 0.088
  • utan: 0.055
  • därför: 0.002

In order to improve the system, it would be great if you could tell us about the following: Do you use web browser or mobile app? Do you observe the words "innan", "utan", and "därför" in your lesson?


Hideki, Great to have you on board. As you've seen from the other posts, there are many people who have reported similar problems.


1) I primarily use the browser
2) I just ran a practice for conjunctions and I the practice has generally been the same every time I've run it. I didn't see any innan, utan or därför, however I did run only the 2nd lesson again which did contain those words and I was able to strengthen conjunctions. So that is a temporary band aid for it.


Thanks for the details. This helps a lot!


Strengthening doesn't seem to work with Spanish, too.


Yes, on Friday I was at "full strength" and Saturday I had ~18 badges that were not gold. No matter how well I do on timed drills, it doesn't strengthen more than 1 badge, and even after a 70 XP day yesterday (Saturday) I now have ~20 badges that need strengthening. I'm using Duolingo on Chrome.


And I can tell, for example, that I've done exercises with multiple science or business or politics phrases, but if I get any stength out of them, it's for verb.


My French turned 13 gold leaves a different colour yesterday, and they won't turn gold again even if I get a module 100% right.

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