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  5. "Ero in ritardo a scuola."

"Ero in ritardo a scuola."

Translation:I was late to school.

April 10, 2015



I think the English is better if it uses 'for'. I was late for school.


I agree. U.K. English.


I also agree. "...late for school" is correct in US English as well.


"I was late for school" accepted in March 2019.


Could this be "I used to be late to school"


I wondered the same thing. Just saying "I was late" could instead take the passato prossimo I think.


That has a different meaning, I think. Saying "I used to be late to school" suggests that you no longer are late to school and now arrive promptly. Saying "I was late to school" generally implies that you're referring to a specific incident (i.e. "I was late to school yesterday").


As I understand it, if you are referring to a specific action that began and ended in the past (i.e. "I was late to school yesterday"), you would not use the Italian ímperfetto. "I used to be" or "I would be" are both acceptable ways to translate the Italian imperfetto into English, which does not have an imperfect tense. This is nicely explained in the opening tips section.


I lived in Italy and recall being late for an appointment as "tardo" and "ritardo" being more in a sense of delayed or behind. I was in the north, near Venezia. I translated this as "I was behind in school."


that 's not right, surely!? who says 'late To school? In English should it not be 'for school'.. or is it American English?


Yes, we Americans use both "to" and "for".

Both with different implications. "For" suggests one was late for an event (late for the show). "To" implies being late in regards to arriving at a location (late to the park).

For = school as an event To = school as a destination


"I used to be late to school" but was corrected to "I was late.." They are the same, no?


English English speaker - I'd never say "I was late at school" to say I arrived there late. You could say " I arrived late at school" - subtly different! If you said "I was late at school" it is a slightly colloquial way of saying "I stayed till late at school"( e.g. because I had work to do there)

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Being late for ...arriving late at. Can you say being late to? I am not a native but sounds a bit weird.

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