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  5. "A teddy bear is a toy."

"A teddy bear is a toy."

Translation:En bamse er et legetøj.

April 10, 2015



The first clue to come up with 'et', so if it is in fact 'en', it is quite misleading!


Where is the 'en' missing? No it is not misleading because "legetøj" is a neuter noun. A toy = et legetøj || The toy = legetøjet a teddy bear = en bamse or en teddybjørn || the teddy bear = bamsen or teddybjørnen This is correct, but I think that I would like to say: "En bamse er et stykke legetøj". Is toy a countable noun in English, although is it possible to say "a toy" or would it be more correct to always be using it in the the plural form and say "a piece of toys" in stead of saying "a toy"? I'm just not quite sure. That's why i'm asking.


It's been a while since I came across this question, but if I recall rightly, the dictionary hover might have implied that "bamse" was a neuter word (by placing "et" above "en", where normally "en" should be above "et" in those situations).

Toy is indeed a countable noun in English. We would never say "a piece of toy", but just "a toy". A piece of a toy would, to me, mean a part of component of it (such as the arms or legs of a teddy bear, or a wheel from a toy car, or something like that).


Yes, I think that should be reported, frankly.

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