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Sentence discussions won't open


In the past few days I've had a problem with the Swedish course when I try to open sentence discussions. Sometimes they will open, sometimes they won't. Sometimes they will work when I begin a lesson and then stop working mid-way through.

I'm not sure whether it might be a browser problem - I'm using the latest version of Firefox - or whether it's something else.

I'd really like to solve this as I find the sentence discussions very valuable.

Any suggestions?

April 10, 2015



The same thing happens to me frequently. I typically use Safari on a Macbook. Sometimes it helps to close and re-open the browser (if every single discussion is failing to open) but usually it is the discussion itself that causes me problems. Even if I go into the forums when I have finished my lesson and search for the sentence, I cannot open it. I posted about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7141588


Yes, it looks like the same issue. It's clearly not the fault of the machine or the browser.

How do we get someone to look into this?


Well, it seems to be related to specific discussions. Staff would need to know which discussions cause the problem, so they could compare the "broken" ones to the "working" ones and figure out what's causing some of them to be "broken". But right now they don't really have a set of problem discussions to focus on; all they have is some vague "I was doing some lesson and some discussion wouldn't open..."

I'd suggest just keeping a list of broken discussions (the URL) and then when you/I/someone has about a dozen collected, try to find out how to submit the list to someone that can do something about it.

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