"Her existence is necessary, because I can't live without her."

Translation:Hendes eksistens er nødvendig, for jeg kan ikke leve uden hende.

April 10, 2015

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Hvorfor kan vi ikke bruge ,,fordi'' i stedet af ,,for''?

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    Den kan man godt. Så bliver leddet efter bindeordet til en bisætning.

    Hendes eksistens er nødvendig, for jeg kan ikke leve uden hende.

    Hendes eksistens er nødvendig, fordi jeg ikke kan leve uden hende.

    Notice the position of ikke.


    Why isn't "for" considered a conjunction (and then placing ikke after the subject?)


    Thanks for the tip viktorbluhme. I have never known this. Would it be asking too much for an elaboration on the difference between the two versions?

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      You can simply look at the definitions of the two.

      fordi: conjunction. Used to introduce a subordinate clause that expresses a logical reason or a cause in general.

      for: conjunction. Used to express that the following is to be understood as an explanation of the previous statement. Grammar: for +MAIN CLAUSE


      Thanks for your fast reply viktorbluhme. Although I understand the definitions for "for" and "fordi", I can find no reference for the difference between "kan ikke" and "ikke kan", in "Den Danske Ordbog". Could you elaborate further, please?

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        It has nothing to do with vocabulary. It is simply very basic Danish sentence construction.

        In main clauses, the adverb comes after the subject and the verb.

        In subordinate clauses, the adverb comes between the subject and the verb.


        for dutch followers of this course: "...., WANT ik kan niet leven zonder haar" of: "...., OMDAT ik niet kan leven zonder haar". the english "because" can be translated both by "omdat" and "want". both words start an explanation. and after both words follows a different order of the words


        Tak; det hjælper. Jeg vidste ikke at positionen af 'ikke' ændrede sig.


        This is so romantic

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