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  5. "Sen bir grubun içinde misin?"

"Sen bir grubun içinde misin?"

Translation:Are you in a group?

April 10, 2015



Would "bir grupla misin?" be a proper alternative?


It would be, but it has a slightly different meaning though. The example above can be also said when referring an orgnization, or a formal group, or like a school club. But yours can be used when for example there is a project being done by students, so everyone will do it. You can ask like this someone that you already know he or she is doing the project but emphasis is on whether they are making it individually or with a group, by this way you can ask to be together for example.


If I'm correct, 'grubun' is a possessive construction, but can someone help me understand why that's the case?


Because 'içinde' is a Type 1 postposition and as such it requires the genitive construction. Read this: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Prepositions

Grubun içinde literally means in(side) of a group.


'Are you inside a group' was rejected.


bir sorum var,

bu beni grubun üyesi diyor mu? yoksa

"Neredesin?" "ben dükkanda dişında bir grubun içindeyim"?

If I completely messed up the Turkish, I asked if this meant if I was a member of a group, or would it literally mean I am within a group of people outside a store (if somewhere asked where I was.)


Is "grubun" pronounced as "gurunbun"?


Nope, it is pronounced the way it is written.


Teşekkür ederim.


I have a question regarding the group, how would one say are you in a specific type of group? like sen bir dance grubun incinde misin? like an adjective and describe what the group is? how would the sentence structure look? tesekk :)


I believe most specific groups (including a dance group) will be noun compounds, so the "group" will have a possessive suffix: dans grubu. In these cases, your sentence structure is correct: Sen bir dans grubun incinde misin?

If you are describing a group with an adjective, just remember the "bir" goes between the adjective and the noun: Sen büyük bir grubun incinde misin?


Can this be considered as a correct answer: Are you inside a group?

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