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"Tugann bia dóibh i gcónaí."

Translation:He always gives them food.

April 10, 2015



@Aaron, It means always. At home is sa bhaile or ar bhaile. You are probably thinking of 'tá mé i mo chónaí sa Fhrainc, tá siad ina gcónaí in Éirinn': i/they live in France/Ireland.

In that case, you are saying: I am residing/dwelling in France , etc.

By extention, i gcónaí is a state of affair that is perpetually dwelling in that state, resting/settling in that state: in other words, always...



Doesnt "i gconaí" mean "at home?


idiomatically. We are Always /At Home/ In Home sa bhalie Cónaí is associated with Abode https://www.teanglann.ie/en/eid/Cóna%C3%AD


Why is it marked wrong when always is at the end of the sentence. This is very frustrating.


Because in English always does not go at the end unless you put a special emphasis.

He does. Always. She would ask, always.

The Irish sentence did not carry any distinct emphasis.

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