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How would you say...?

In German, how would you say...

The Smith house

My guess is...

Das Hause der Smith

Thank you, it's for a German school project.

April 10, 2015



This depends a little on the context. If you refer to the house as an old family home, you can say "das Smith-Haus". If you just want to say that this is the house where the Smiths live, you say "das Haus der Smiths", or if there is only a single Smith living there, "Das Haus vom Smith/von der Smith" (this is a little deprecative, if you want to be more polite, you would say "das Haus von Herrn Smith/ von Frau Smith", but i guess it's much more likely that people use the first version if the Smith person cannot hear them...). If you want to say someone is over at that familie's house, you wouldn't mention the house at all and just say "er ist bei den Smiths".


Vielen Dank! This answered my question :)


I don't know if you want a literal word for word translation, but "Wo wohnt die Familie Smith?" would convey the idea.


I'd say it as "Die (I don't know about the gender sorry if wrong) Schmidt Haus" because in German Schmidt means Smith in english.

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