"Birinci kattayım."

Translation:I am on the first floor.

April 10, 2015

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Seeing as British and American English don't agree on what a first floor is, is birinci kat in Turkish the one on ground level or the one above that?


the one above that.

Ground level = Zemin kat

You press Z when in the elevator to reach the ground floor.


Useful information, thank you! I'm Australian and we say the 'first floor' is the one above ground level too haha.


I'm Australian too and even in my own land, in my native language, this always confused me.


Yeah... Also in all Arab countries I've been to, we use "first floor" to describe the one above ground, which is an utterly stupid thing in my opinion, but yeah... whatever!


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storey#Numbering (I'm surprised after reading it). The short answer is, it's a never-ending source of confusion because the pattern isn't completely predictable based on cultural and historic ties, geographic proximity, etc. Why does, e.g., Singapore use the American naming convention when they follow British convention for a lot of other things? (Sorry for continuing the off-topic discussion!)


It is zemin katı Or maybe kattı... but it definitely has the suffix, either way


Thanks! It's very useful information! Also thanks to @TheRealRial for asking the question!


Whats the difference between ilk and biranci


what about using ilk kattayım


what if wanted to say i am the first one on the floor .. i can't get used to the order of the words in Turkish sentences , is there any hints, rules that can help ?


It would probably be birinciyim (i am the first) katta (on the floor)


I wrote "i am on the first flour " it was marked roung and was corrected as "story" but here it is translated " four". I mean at the top .I reported the problem but that was not answerd i am sure for the secound time i write story and will get "flour".


You have a spelling mistake ( I am on the first floor ) is surely accepted. Floor = stort but Flour is finely grouned wheat or other cereal.


What does "katta-" mean?


On the ..... floor

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