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French - 'Possess.2' doesn't allow full credit

Possessives 2 (in French Duolingo program) doesn't allow full credit to fill in to 'gold'. It stubbornly stays green, and indicates that I have more learning to do there, no matter how many times I complete it perfectly - and I've been doing it almost every day perfectly for a few weeks now. Seems like just some weird glitch, it shows up whether I'm using my phone or my iPad. Please help, thank you for your time! -Laura

April 10, 2015



We are sorry that there is a difficulty in making the skill gold. I checked your word strength at Possessives 2 in French course, which is as follows:

  • le tien: 1.000
  • le leur: 1.000
  • le sien: 1.000
  • le mien: 1.000
  • la leur: 1.000
  • la mienne: 1.000
  • la sienne: 0.999
  • la tienne: 0.999
  • la nôtre: 0.108
  • le vôtre: 0.009
  • le nôtre: 0.000
  • la vôtre: 0.000

In order to improve the system, it would be great if you could tell us about the following: Do you do a lesson or practice? Do you observe the words "la nôtre", "le vôtre", "le nôtre", and "la vôtre" during lesson/practice?


Great, thank you! I love that you can see the word strength levels, is there a way I can see that too or is that 'behind the scenes' only? Have a great day!


Unfortunately, these numbers are not shown. However, you can see a list of learned words with strength level in the Words page instead.


relearn both lessons in the course, the review course doesn't review some words


Everyone' encountering similar problems. Hopefully DL will attend to this!


Thank you hideki! And also thank you to bwahahahahaha (did I spell that right?) . I went back and did the lesson within Possessives 2 that has 'la votre' and 'la notre' - those were not showing up at all in the 'strengthen' practice box that automatically was showing for me. Once I completed that previous lesson (lesson 2 of 2) the box turned gold and I'm through. Looks like a glitch that they didn't show up as weak words for me, good to know Duolingo is working on it. Thank you all!


Thanks for the details!

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