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I can't move forward from basics

Can someone help me figure how to move forward from basics. I completed it but there is no option that allows me to move forward.

April 10, 2015



Did you complete all the individual lessons in Basics one? You should be able to move on if you have.


Each lesson (in this case, Basics 1) has individual skills inside it. Just doing one of those will not allow you to move on. Some skills may have up to ten skills until you can progress.

If you have completed all the lessons in a skill and you still can not progress, contact support at support@duolingo.com


Yes. It says I have completed it and learnt all the words. But, I still can't progress.

[deactivated user]

    It looks like you have completed Basics 1. Nice job! Do you see how the symbol for Basics 1 is gold? That is because you mastered it. Look for any colored icon, below that one. Click on it, an you should have new lessons in that skill! Did that make sense? Good luck!


    Nothing else is colored gold.

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