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"Kartofler spises med kniv og gaffel."

Translation:Potatoes are eaten with knife and fork.

April 10, 2015



I got it wrong for writing knife and fork in plural .-. .


why is it that 'being' is sometimes dropped?


I think it must be because, "...being eaten..." would be "...bliver spist...".


This sentence sounds like a statement of how potatoes are generally eaten. "Potatoes are being eaten with a knife and a fork" of course sounds like something that is happening presently.


when i first read in the description that danish sometimes uses one form "spises" and sometimes another at "blive spist" I thought that was strange, but english dose exactly that. sometimes we say "to be seen" other times just "is seen". thats wierd...


I was told that, in older days, it was not right using a knife for potatoes. I think it had something to do with knives being made of silver and potatoes spoiling that expensive metal. It's not a language-related question but can anyone confirm this story?


I know salt is bad for silverware. Don't put a silver spoon in the nut dish! Maybe the potatoes are too salted.

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