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"Gli ombrelli"

Translation:The umbrellas

December 20, 2012



Try this: Put you tongue in the position for saying YEE, but from that position you still attempt to say LEE without using the tip of your tongue. Hence the point of contact between the tongue and the roof of the mouth is further back than it is for the normal LEE. A simple YEE does not contain this all important momentary contact.


wow! that worked! great directions!


If some Russian-speakers read this, then I hope the following can be useful for them: Italian "gli" is pronounced like "льи" in Russian.


Not exactly. You have to put you tongue back more than in Russian.


Wow, thanks. That's what I thought, in fact :)


Eh eh eh under le mie ombrelle elle elle eh eh eh


It should be sotto il mio ombrello. I think italian guys from Vanilla Sky could have an italian version of this song)))


Gli is the same as the Spanish double ll!


Exactly, the "λ" sound in phonetics.

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ʎ is the symbol the IPA uses to represent the palatal "L" sound.


Why is it gli and not i?


Any plural masculine word that begins with a vowel, s + consonant or z uses "gli"; it's just one of those rules of the language.


Thanks. And how about plural feminine words that begin with a vowel? Like anatra


Basic rule of thump is if the article ends with a vowel and the next word begins with a vowel, you contract them. The plural form of "la" is "le" so take your example of "anatra", it would still be "le anatre" or "l'anatre".


Google says gamp is a large umbrella named from a Dickens novel.


Right you are, thanks!!


I love Duo Lingo but the spoken words and phrases are very unclear due to the way the woman expresses herself. Sometimes I have to listen two or three times before I get what she is saying...and it's not because I an unfamiliar with the words.


Does ombrelli means an umbrella against sunlight ? Like in French : ombrelle = umbrella against sunlight parapluie = ombrella against rain (= pluie in french) Or like in english, does it conveigns to both meanings ?


I think you're thinking of a parasol which is a huge umbrella. According to google translate, in Italian parasol = parasole


Nice try but that is not what I meant. There's indeed a french word for parasol too (parasol) but an ombrelle is this : http://givernews.com/images/photo11/femme-ombrelle-gauche.jpg


According to italinan Wikipedia, "l'ombrello è un oggetto che serve a ripararsi da eventi naturali indesiderati quali pioggia, neve, grandine o sole"


How is "gli" pronounced? Is it like "lee" in English?


The way my Italian teacher pronounces it, it's more like 'yee.'


OK, that'll take me some getting-used-to! :)


Can someone explain how will we say 'the umbrellas are his'? Will it be 'Gli ombrelli sono i miei'?


"The umbrellas are his" would be "gli ombrelli sono i soui". The reason why it's "i suoi" is because possessives take the form of the subject. "Ombrelli" is a plural masculine word so it would only get the masculine possessive forms " i miei; i suoi; i nostri; i vostri". Now the tricky thing to remember is that "gli ombrelli sono i suoi" could also mean "the umbrellas are hers" as well.

What you wrote was "The umbrellas are mine".


Oh i see. Thank you for your explanation. That really helps. Could you highlight when we use 'gli' as plural? What I have observed is "l'uomo" becomes "gli uomini" and 'lo stivale' also becomes "gli stivali" ?


Once you understand this rule it's very simple. "Gli", more often than not, is the pluralization of "the" for pluralized masculine words beginning with a vowel; s + consonant; z and some others that I cannot remember off the top of my head.

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