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  5. "Würden wir springen?"

"Würden wir springen?"

Translation:Would we jump?

April 11, 2015



Why should we use "would" instead of "shall"?


"would" = "würde" (here: "würden"), "should/shall" = "sollte" (here: "sollten")

This sentence could be used in a context like "If the house was on fire, would we jump?"


Yes, we're studying the conditional and the condition in your example is "If the house was on fire, would we jump?".


If the house were on fire.

twirls moustache, with an O

sips champagne


I always get this wrong, because att springa in Swedish is to run. The German fits so well with the English, but I always end up going Swedish instead.


springen also means "to run" in some German dialects in the south... and they tend to use laufen for "walk" and sometimes heben for "hold". Sounds odd to someone from the north who just speaks the standard language.

The Amish, for example, have a tradition of Rumspringa where their youth are not subject to the same severe rules as the adults but are allowed to "run around" a bit before they decide whether to stay in the community or join the outside one.

The first time I saw that verb, I thought it meant "jumping around", but their German is based on southern dialects where springen is to run.


Me too, and my Swedish level is far lower than my German level (><)

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