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New french lessons?

I received a notification on top of Duolingo's home page saying that there are new french lessons. But I couldn't figure out where they are. Did someone see them?

December 20, 2012



I believe he's referring to this message: http://d.pr/i/h6d1. I'm also curious about this changes.

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Hi, we have improved the French skill tree, and this has led to a number of changes in the lessons. We did not add new skills.


Hi Remy, could you please give some examples? Are these changes toward the latter lessons in the tree? Sorry but I really can't see any difference as of now.

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Hi! We have reduced the size of some big skills, removed some less helpful words, and also added more sentences to introduce words, which modified some of the lessons.


I didn't take any lesson for, let's say, 10 days(Christmas and so on) and when I've got back to Duolingo I've seen the same message with not clear changes at sight BUT now I'm supposed to know 700 words less than a week ago (~1300 words ten days ago; 600 today). Does that has anything to do with the recent "changes"? Or is it just a regular decrease for the time out of Duolingo?

I promise I haven't forgot 700 words, give me my vocabulary back!! :P

Summarizing, is it a bug? is it normal? the changes? Just so you know it!



Same thing happened to my vocabulary, even though I didn't skip many days! Also, now some of the "learned" skills say I learned 0 words, and I cannot do timed practice for them anymore. I reported it, but I suspect we might have to wait until after holidays for someone to fix it.


It does say lessons, not skills... Maybe they were added to the top tier skills?


May that's not the new lessons. Just notifications to remind you learning everyday. In my iPad Duolingo sends me message every night

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